What Laptop should I Buy

Before you open your wallet, the most common question is what to look for when buying a laptop or a computer. It is important to understand that laptops are designed to be highly portable and despite the size, they offer mid-level solutions on usage and power. The best answer is a combination of different factors that the buyer has to put into consideration. These are the budget, the applications required in the laptop and usage. When critically reviewed, these points will help determine the best laptop to match your needs. What to look for when buying a laptop is an important issue but with the right information can be easily solved.

With the rise in technology, laptops have been greatly enhanced to keep up with other computing devices on the market. Therefore, the main things to look for when buying a laptop will be the usage. This determines what sizes you will require for the memory, which will be dependent on the nature of your work. Hard disks will also depend on the nature of your work and usage of the computer, for example, where you require a lot of downloads or use large media applications, a large memory and fast processor are a must. If the main purpose for the laptop will be word documents and spreadsheet then paying for extra memory and speed is a waste of money. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari to go to the supermarket, would you?

Windows versus Mac. As indicated, there has been stiff competition in the technology sector and more so in software development. A decision on whether Windows or Mac is best when buying a laptop is crucial because each will have different features and support different applications. The hardware will also be different and the reliability will also vary. In some instances, Macs will be seen to have the Apple’s handsome hardware and reliability and be seen to boot faster than Windows machines. They will also not suffer much malicious software attacks primarily designed to run on windows. When deciding on what to look for when buying a laptop, you should not forget that you required the laptop because of its portability. This means that size and weight are crucial factors because portability will determine how friendly it will be to carry with you.

Finally when buying a laptop, its cost is the last bit of the straw. With all the models and types in the market, you will need to have a budget. The latest models in the market will have all the fancy promotional names such as ‘ultra thin’ in a bid to lure you into buying. However, these models will have a high cost as compared to the ‘normal’ models. It is therefore imperative that you make a prudent choice when buying a laptop. This does not mean though that you ignore value for money. With the availability of credit, you should make sure you go for the right laptop, which will last you for some time before it gets obsolete and forces you into credit again.